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You could tell @VincentKompany was destined to be a manager from a very young age 📈🧠

Another match ball for Harry Kane's collection... ⚽✨

The masterminds on the sidelines. 👔🧠

Who gets your vote for #TheBest FIFA Men's Coach?

🪡😮‍💨 @DeJongFrenkie21 threading the needle!

@OnsOranje | #FIFAWorldCup

"Wanna see me score in slow motion?" ⏳🇩🇪

@matshummels | #FIFAWorldCup

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Reigning champions @AucklandCity_FC kick off the New Zealand Men's National League Championship.

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See #ClubWC regulars @AucklandCity_FC kick-off their domestic title defence live on FIFA+.

Kick-off Saturday at 6am CET / 4pm local.